The world of retail is trying to adapt to this new reality. To govern it better, retailers need to have access to data that helps them monitor and manage their businesses and to optimize and anticipate strategic actions.

New: Retail Intelligence – Europe’s most innovative independent strategy consultancy under the roof of Interstore | Schweitzer – offers the integration of RITA into The Flexstore™ solution.

With this in mind, Retail Intelligence developed “RITA”, an instore tracking solution that is supporting retailers during every phase of rapid shift. Retail Intelligence Tracking Analytics gives retailers insights on a much deeper level. We did think beyond the typical data points that retail managers look at. RITA tracks in-depth data about in-store search and buying behaviour. The consistent integration of this very different data allows them to analyze the behavior of customers and to systematically and quickly adapt the offer to what they want and search for.

During this period of heightened health awareness, RITA also provides answers on how to minimize the contagiousness and keep customers and staff safer.

RITA is an opportunity for retailers to get more accurate predictions and make better business decisions in an effort to serve customers better, and ultimately drive up the bottom line.

During this new customized webinar, we’ll share insights and use cases on the new “RITA” technology and how it can give you answers in real-time, improving not only the decision-making process, but the entire store experience.