The keys to success are transformation and flexibility. We think retail and our mission is to dust off outdated experiences. We always go one step further and don’t think what’s new, but what’s next. Our new branch concept reframes customer interactions with the classical bank. Our focus lies on the in-branch consumer experience.

A new approach to banking

Improving customers’ experience requires a bold, new approach to create an environment that attracts current and new ones, as well as makes them come back.

Banks have a branch design that mostly works good for the banks, not their customers. We focussed with our new concept on the key factors of economic viability and customer centricity.

Only a flexible environment can take the branch to the next level. It allows several formats as well as geographical personalized designs where the physical and the digital are connected. The focus should be on sustainable added value to the brand of the bank, which allows a differentiation and competitive advantage.

In our eyes, banks are now presented with more opportunities than ever, and are facing an exciting future. We offer an opportunity for banks to be more responsive to the needs of customers. They need to get ahead and reboot with their branches. They need to do things differently. Staying the same is not an option. It requires a rethinking of the bank branch itself:

Learn from us how to engage with customers and how to increase customer loyalty for your branches through co-renting and “retail-like experience” design.

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