The headquarter in Naturno in growing!

March 4, 2022
Did you know that 50% of the Italian apple harvest and 10% of the European apple harvest comes from South Tyrol?
We can also see many apple orchards from our offices at our headquarters in Naturno.
The bees make an important contribution here and it is up to us to support them.

In spring 2022, 4 beehives will find a new home with us in Naturno.
To involve our employees, we have launched a design challenge for the design of the beehives.
Employees at all locations were given the opportunity to submit a proposal for how they would like the new beehives to look.
A TOP 7 was then selected from the many submissions, from which all employees could choose their favourite.

Over 100 employees from the various locations determined these TOP 3:

3rd place: Greta Tauferer (Naturns)
Prize: Breakfast for 2 persons

2nd place: Nathan Watts (London)
Prize: Dinner for 2 persons

1st place: Thomas Schwienbacher (Naturno)
Prize: Day Spa for 2 persons

The winning project will now be built by our manufactory.

In the gallery you can also see 2nd and 3rd place and other ideas.