Sobeys Inc. is proudly Canadian with more than 111 years of experience in the food retail business and one collective misssion: tor nurture the things that make life better, including great shopping and food experiences, putting the customers´ needs first.

The Flexstore™ concept by Interstore | Schweitzer is used for the first time in North America.

The layout and all the furniture is flexible and can therefore easily and quickly be adapted to the customers´ needs by enlarging or reducing singular departments, changing assortments and shifting from self-service to service.

Ceiling elements highlight the services fresh departments for the customer, bringing the eye down to the expert staff and encouraging interaction.

In order to provide the best possible service on the shopping tour, the custimer journey leads the shopper in a circle through the fresh food departments.

An optimistic colour palette combined with white icons and illuminated names for key departments creates a positive and lively shopping experience.

Learn more about this unique store in the video!