August 3, 2020
Erbert – the innovative outcome of a start-up project in the heart of Milan. The desire to offer exclusively fresh and sustainable food of the highest quality forms the foundation of the project, generating a carefree shopping experience. The primary aim of the store design was to take quality, well-being and sustainability as important criteria into account for this new concept and, of course, first and foremost in the selection of materials.

Focus on quality & sustainability

First impressions count – already when entering the shop, customers are surprised by the extraordinary store layout. Memories of a visit to a traditional market, a meeting point of culinary delights and joy of living, are awakened.

At the different stalls customers will find a variety of healthy options: fresh fish from sustainable sources, delicious takeaway food, organic Italian meat, sweet and tasty pastries made from wholemeal flour and a nice cafeteria with seating facilities.

The use of sustainable high-quality building materials completely reflects the inspiring sustainability concept of this start-up project. Unique wall tiles, furniture and other design components were manufactured using certified sustainable wood and the use of untreated metals emphasise the unique store concept in an authentic way. Together with our customer, we created a sustainable supermarket for a demanding, environmentally conscious audience.

The refreshingly honest shopping atmosphere is further enhanced by open production areas, where daily tasty and balanced take-away meals are prepared, using only the freshest ingredients. The personal service, the wide range of high-quality products and the excellently implemented sustainability concept ensure that shopping at Erbert becomes a memorable experience.

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