Bridge Zurich

May 4, 2021
For Migros, the number 1 retailer in Switzerland, we have been developing different forward thinking store concepts for generations. For the latest project
BRIDGE, we created and implemented a unique new store concept mixing gastronomy and retail – based on the principles of our Flexstore™ food services solution.

Across a total sales area of 2.000 m² and distributed on two levels, BRIDGE has been conceived as the connector between a diverse fresh food market, creative local partner catering and store events.

By translating the motto “meet food, meet market, meet people” into reality, the market is the new meeting place for food lovers in the heart of Zurich.

Innovation at BRIDGE doesn’t stop with the offering. To support seamless evolution & adaptability of the experience, all furnishing elements are 100% flexible and movable. Stunningly
executed and operationally efficient, the adoption of our Flexstore™ solution offers the opportunity to adapt the store layout as required and to quickly change modules in a cost-effective manner.

With BRIDGE, Migros Zürich is opening a market for the first time with a unique name, and at the same time has created a lasting monument for the founder of Migros, Gottlieb Duttweiler, who considers himself a bridge builder. The market is also considered a lab space for Migros where new ideas can be tested to ensure they remain at the forefront of retail into the future.