New opening:
Edeka Schenke

June 4, 2020
Schenke has a long tradition in the German grocery retail market, and with the new supermarket in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, the family has returned to its roots in a place where the first stone was laid for today‘s flourishing markets. The new supermarket created by Interstore | Schweitzer demonstrates what has been achieved since then - in quality as well as innovation in design and customer experience.

Traditional supermarket redefined

The striking new supermarket stands in contrast to the typical conventional grocery store. Its contemporary, elongated glass facade leads into a modern transparent space where Interstore | Schweitzer created a highly distinctive atmospheric market. With its unmistakable new look, the experience is a celebration of the established values and quality of Schenke Delikatessen.

In the new modern layout, the gastronomy and fresh food departments are arranged in a large central circular area. Brought together & linked by different floors, this is where areas for bistro & delicacies, freshness and convenience have been merged into a coherent experience to create an atmospheric centrepiece of the store. Serving customers in a hurry & located at the entrance is the Bisto, providing ready-to-eat and take-away products for quick selection, while the heart of the space is arranged to invite those with more time to take a tour of the fresh food areas.

The store design re-imagines the customer experience as a stimulating journey of the senses along with its distinctive signature focus on quality. The old-fashioned format of the meat counter has been completely rethought, and thanks to the transparency of the product areas, customers can feel the craftsmanship of the processing and the uncompromising demand for quality. Emphasis is also placed on products made from natural ingredients, helping Schenke to demonstrate a passion for its food & products.

The store‘s retail design creates a welcoming shopping atmosphere that underlines an almost forgotten quality: understated elegance. It highlights the products and thus emphasizes the love for food. This makes the store inviting, modern, bright, warm and leaves a lasting impression.

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