The bookshop “La Place Culturelle by E.Leclerc” stands on a corner just inside the entrance of the mall, for which a new identity has been developed. The semi-open, natural timber grid at the threshold creates the immediate feeling of a warm, domestically scaled space for exploration & learning.
Inside, La Place Culturelle is inviting you to slow down, immerse and nd new passions. Here, the choice of natural and raw materials continues, alongside a simple & subtle color palette that’s designed to create an all-together harmonious & soft atmosphere.



Lighting design has been carefully considered to create focal points and give the shop a sense of depth, while simultaneously providing the optimum light levels for reading.

A standout design feature that lends a distinct identity to the space is the inverted light forest, running across the ceiling through the center of the store.

Green tubes hang in an organic arrangement, casting light into highlight display areas & integrated reading zones.