EDEKA Center Weserpark

December 14, 2020
The Weserpark is Bremen‘s leading shopping address with over 200 shops, numerous restaurants and a vast range of services. In order to meet the requirements of this extraordinary location with a sales area of 6.421 m² EDEKA relied once again on the experience of Interstore | Schweitzer to perfectly stage and bring to life their
“love for food”.

Know-how and a lot of attention to detail are the main ingredients of this innovative 360° hypermarket concept, which is intended to seduce customers and consequently increase their length of stay in store. We’ve achieved this objective by creating a unique shopping world that’s made up of attractive private brands and spectacular product presentations.

The concept included the development of these individual brands for the various specialised fresh food departments throughout the market. The result is a culinary journey of experiences with a jungle feeling, Italian delicacies served by „Amor“ and premium products from the „Butchers with Style“. Decorative visual merchandising elements are instrumental in giving the independent brands their own unique character and have been integrated appropriately into the entire store area creating an attractive all-round experience.

The strong regional ties of EDEKA can be felt in this brand-new port of call on the Weser, which was an important factor that was considered when the concept was being developed. In addition to the in-house wine department, the Bremer Ratskeller, a well-known local franchise wine shop, was integrated, whilst the flowing river Weser is depicted in a striking way in-store underlining the strong relationship with the territory.

Get inspired by the brand-new market in our picture gallery!