The objective was to create an experience that would appeal to this unique demographic by highlighting quality products with a focus on fresh departments, premium and carefully selected international ranges & ingredients.

An iconic name with meaning, ‘Epic’ is the shorthand for Epicurean, standing for high-quality & delicious products to taste and to savor. Customers are guided on a circular journey across the key departments, each with its own signature color & atmosphere, yet connected with a cohesive warm ambience, inviting customers to stroll through and discover they’re wide range of carefully selected premium products.



The cold-cut counter is defined by a distinctive ceiling installation, acting as a centrifuge to draw customers to the centralized self-service displays, then out towards colorful grocery shelving.

Worldwide & localized ranges contribute to a wholly differentiated assortment including specialist Japanese ranges & honey from small regional producers.

The walk-through wine & spirits area is a convenient re-interpretation of the traditional Cave, offering a wide assortment of specially curated wines from all over the world.