Bee Honey

July 12, 2022
In spring 2022, 4 beehives found their home here in Naturns. Now, with much excitement, the bees have produced their first honey!

Did you know, the harvest time for the honey is usually in the second half of July. In May and June, the bees extend their brood nest far and use partly also the combs in the rear area. Then we need to wait until there is no brood left in the honeycombs. After the summer solstice or after the colony has swarmed, the brood nest goes back again. However, the harvest should be done by the beginning of August, so that there is still enough time for varroa treatment with formic acid and, if necessary, winter feeding.

Our honey was harvested very early in the morning because the bees are not yet flying so much, and the risk of predation is lower. It is also the coolest time of day. For the stability of the honeycombs, it is better if it is not too warm. The combs were then taken from our hives – but attention was paid as soon as the queen was on one of the combs.

The next step now remains the processing and filling of the honey. For this purpose, the combs are now centrifuged, and the honey is then sieved. After standing for some time, the honey is then bottled and labeled – we can’t wait to see the results!