For generations, Schweitzer Project has been developing and building successful stores and shop-in-shop concepts for retailers and brands worldwide. We are now a global leader in the shopfitting industry with over 1’000 employees who think retail and develop made-to-measure solutions for award-winning stores across the world. These success stories enable us to boast an outstanding international client portfolio.
The retail sector is experiencing disruptive times that bring considerable uncertainty on the investment side. We are proud that in 94 years of shopfitting, we have adapted to the needs of our customers' time and again. We have expertise with different investment levels across categories and markets. 8 out of the top 15 European food retailers are among our customers.
Bernhard Schweitzer, Owner & CEO Schweitzer Project

Successful since 1927

Our headquarter is in South Tyrol (Italy), where the Schweitzer family founded Schweitzer Mercantile in 1927. Today, the company group has 19 locations and offices across the globe. In Germany alone we have 5 locations, enabling us to tend to customer needs across the regional markets.


  • 2022
    19 Locations worldwide - 5 alone of them in Germany.
  • 2016
    Development of the logistics center in Shanghai.
  • 2015
    Opening of logistics center in the USA and the new Global Logistics One (GLO) in Hungary.
  • 2013
    Expansion of the cooling production in Padua, Italy.
  • 2007
    Further opening of new branches in Germany and the world.
  • 2006
    Opening of the office in Moscow, Russia and groundbreaking for the company headquarters in Switzerland (Kaiseraugst near Basel).
  • 2001
    Further expansion of the headquarters in Naturns.
  • 1997/98
    Expansion of the own metal and wood manufactory at the headquarters.
  • 1996
    1996 Bernhard Schweitzer joins the company, giving it new impetus for the international market.
  • 1987
    Foundation of the retail agency Interstore.
  • 1979
    Realization of the first department store for La Rinascente.
  • 1972
    Norbert Schweitzer expands the headquarter in Naturns.
  • 1957
    Norbert Schweitzer, son of Leo Schweitzer, joins the company.
  • 1934
    Schweitzer begins trading with refrigerators.
  • 1927
    Leo Schweitzer founds Schweitzer Mercantile in South Tyrol, Italy.