Our 4 finalists at Retail Week Interiors Awards 2017

Also this year we are happy about the nomination of even four projects for this award. 

Carrefour Market „Conde de Peñalver“ in Madrid, Metro Markets in Egypt, Migros Daily in Bern and E.Leclerc in Orvault, France – they all are among the finalists in the category “Best Food and Supermarket Design“.








REWE 2020

Freshness, flexibility, regionality, more personality and customer proximity –these are the priorities REWE has set for the future. To reach those goals, Interstore has developed a complete store concept with a new positioning and implemented it together with Schweitzer Project at 4 test sites in Germany. 
All of these 2‘000 m² test markets present the grocery chain as a regional neighbourhood market place with a strong focus on freshness, convenience and local products, according to the motto «Mein REWE».



Migros Lugano

With delicious panini, oven-fresh pizza and perfectly roasted Italian coffee the customers are welcomed at the ground floor of the refurbished Migros department store in Lugano (CH). The main goal of the redesign was to put the focus on the fresh products and their processing in-store. Not only at «De Gustibus», the bistro area at the ground floor, but also in the 1‘800m² large supermarket in the basement the focus on freshness is clearly noticeable. 
Newly developed cooling counters with an elegant, restrained design and  varying wood panellings present the product itself as highlight.



EuroShop 2017 - The Circle

With an extravaganza of entertainment, culinary highlights, new impressions and an outlook to the future of retail, we have celebrated our birthday from 5th-9th March in Dusseldorf: 90 years of Schweitzer Project and 30 years of Interstore Design.
This is why The Circle was also a symbol of 120 years of retail expertise. Designed by Interstore, the concept enabled our customers, partners and friends to embark with us on a journey into the future.



Carrefour Market

When we think of Spain, delicious food, fresh regional products and excellent wine first come to our mind.
Farmers’ and weekly markets have a long tradition in this country. In line with this tradition, Carrefour Spain made a first attempt to bring the feeling of shopping at the local farmers’ market into a new premium supermarket format. 
After a renovation phase of only 1,5 months, on 1st December 2016 the new Carrefour Market «Conde de Peñalver» was officially reopened in Madrid.



REWE Glasmeyer

In October 2016 Glasmeyer & Co. KG opened a new fresh market in the «Othmarscher Höfe», an emerging residential area in Hamburg, Germany. The new market has commited itself to the supply of mostly young people from the quarter with high-quality local groceries.
The new building in the Jürgen-Töpfer-Straße has become the home of a fresh market with a mall area, extending over 2‘000m². Local companies and manufacturers from the region served as a source of inspiration for the regional, innovative design which was adapted to the style of the new Hamburg architecture.







Dunnes Stores - Cornelscourt

Since August 2016 a lot of work has been done in the new high-end flagship store of Dunnes Stores located in the Cornelscourt Shopping Centre in south Dublin. The extensive renovation of the 4’000m² food market will be completed in 2017. 

But the fresh departments which are the highlight of the new «food journey» are already shining in new splendour and give a hint of what to expect once the market is fully refurbished.


Presse - Migros Daily: A new Take-Away Concept for "Welle 7" in Bern

Since the beginning of August, the new shopping center of Migros Aare at the train station in Bern offers commuters a variety of shopping, enjoyment and other services on a sales area of 10,000m². 
The new take-away concept "Migros Daily" was specially designed for this target audience: A fast, fresh, healthy and trendy gastronomy concept presented for the first time at "Welle 7".



E.Leclerc Orvault

To get away from the usual concept of French hypermarkets and rather focus on fresh products was the vision and main idea behind this new store concept.

In line with the beliefs of E.Leclerc, we planned and successfully realized the reconstruction of the existing 10’500m² hypermarket in Orvault, close to Nantes.



T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Located on the Grand Canal next to the famous Rialto Bridge, the «Fondaco dei Tedeschi» has been an important part of Venice for 800 years. It was originally built as a palace, warehouse and living quarters for German merchants.

On 1st October 2016, however, a new era began for the famous historic building. Still serving a kind of public purpose, it is now a luxury department store operated by the DFS Group.


Globus Rüsselsheim

Expectations were high for the eagerly anticipated opening of the 47th Globus market in Germany. On 9th September 2016 it finally happened: Germany’s most advanced Globus market opened its doors in Rüsselsheim.

It is a market place with an innovative spirit which perfectly harmonizes the gastronomy/convenience section and the rest of the 11’000m² sales area.


Edeka Niemerszein

Inviting, cosy and relaxed – that’s how the redesigned market at Mühlenkamp in Hamburg has been presenting itself to its regular customers and new visitors since April 2016. On 1‘600 m², a cosy marketplace with the flair of a farmer’s market was created.
The origin of this concept was the idea of a marketplace with a cosy, relaxed atmosphere, where the customers feel at home. Open market booths with wooden flaps remind of traditional farmer’s market and create a cosy atmosphere.


Presse - Rewe Hamburg

Freshness as a concept
 fresh, local and modern - this is how the refurbished Rewe center in Hamburg's district Altona presents itself to shoppers since November 2015. The refinde Rewe Center concept of Egelsbach and Darmstadt was implemented on 7.600 sqm for the first time. The objective was to make the hypermarkets of the German food corporation look even fresher  and more modern.



Foodland Farms

Hawaii has much more to offer than beaches, surfers and Mai Tai. With more than 240 stores the Ala Moana Center in the capital Honolulu is the largest outdoor shopping mall in the world and attracts tourists as well as locals.
On 31st August 2016, Foodland – the No.1, local grocery retailer of the island chain – opened a store with a completely new «grocerant» (supermarket meets foodhall) concept at this unique location. Over 1/3 of the 2’750m² sales area is dedicated to food-to-go and gastronomy.



Migros Daily

Since the beginning of August, the new shopping center of Migros Aare at the train station in Bern offers commuters a variety of shopping, enjoyment and other services on a sales area of 10‘000m². 

The new take-away concept «Migros Daily» was specially designed for this target audience: A fast, fresh, healthy and trendy gastronomy concept presented for the first time at «Welle 7».


Fresh Food Market & Oisoi - Finalists at Retail Week Interiors Awards 2016

Fresh Food Market, the new concept of the largest supermarket chain in Egypt, is nominated for "International Store of the Year".

Oisoi Oriental Food Market, a new concept of Asian cuisine in the heart of Sheffield, has the chance to win the "UK Food & Supermarket Design of the Year" Award.



Carrefour Koksijde

After the successful opening of the redesigned Carrefour hypermarket in Mons (BE) in December 2015, at the end of May a second market with the new concept was opened in Koksijde, a nice town located on the North Sea coast in the southwest of the Flemish region. 

The rollout was implemented successfully with some improvements in the fresh department at this 4’200m² market.



Presse - Essen, Trinken, Sensationen

Noch ist der Onlinehandel mit Lebensmitteln ein zartes Pflänzchen. 
Doch schon bald werden sich stationäre Händler einiges einfallen lassen müssen, um Kunden überhaupt noch auf ihre Flächen zu locken. 
Die Zauberworte heißen Erlebnis, Inspiration und menschliche Nähe.


Schweitzer at the Monocle Quality of Life Conference

A weekend full of stimulating discussions, new ideas and networking. From 15-17 April the conference «Quality of Life» took place in Vienna. In partnership with Schweitzer, Monocle invited to expand the horizon together and develop new perspectives and ideas. 
The topics were broadly based – from the future of communication, over architecture as a living space to the question, how important nationalities actually are.


Fenwick Food Hall - Nomination for Store Design of the Year

With the  redesigned Fenwick Food Hall there is a new top destination for all gourmets in Newcastle. 

On a total sales area of 1,200m² the English traditional store has reinvented its food department.




Dunnes Stores - Stephen's Green

On St. Patrick’s Day, 17 March 2016, the last partial opening of the redesigned Dunnes Stores at the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre in the centre of Dublin was celebrated.
After the successful opening of Fashion and Food, the upper floor with the Home, Kids and Lingerie departments followed.

Interstore Design elaborated the concept which was implemented successfully in collaboration with Schweitzer Project.




Lindt Chocolate Shop

With the opening of the biggest Lindt Chocolate Shop in Switzerland at the beginning of February 2016, a dream for all the ones who have a sweet tooth came true.

In the new outlet store located at the headquarters of the company Lindt & Sprüngli, on more than 400m² a wide assortment of chocolate classics and seasonal products like chocolate easter bunnies is offered.




REWE Center Hamburg-Altona

Fresh, local and modern – this is how the refurbished REWE center in Hamburg’s district Altona presents itself to shoppers since November 2015. 
On 7’600m² the refined REWE Center concept of Egelsbach and Darmstadt was implemented for the first time.

The enhancement of the concept was done by Interstore Design and implemented together with Schweitzer Project.


Fresh Food Market - New Cairo & Sheikh Zayed City

Only one month after the successful opening of the first «Fresh Food Market» in New Cairo, the second market with this gourmet food concept has been implemented.
On 26 February 2016 the redesigned Metro market in Sheikh Zayed City, one of the new suburbs of Cairo, has reopened its doors.

The new store concept was designed by Interstore Design and implemented in collaboration with Schweitzer Project.


Loacker - Point 3.0

Natural culinary pleasure – that’s what the new Loacker location in the Twenty shopping center in Bolzano, which opened at the end of November 2015, is all about. 
On a total of 300m², a patisserie with a café inviting to linger for a while as well as a Loacker Brand Store with a selection of over 200 Loacker products, gift and seasonal articles.

The concept was designed by Interstore Design and implemented in collaboration with Schweitzer Project.


Fresh Food Market

It finally happened on 29 January: In New Cairo, Egypt, the first «Fresh Food Market» of the Mansour Group was opened. 
With this new gourmet food concept, Metro Markets wants to bring an international, western flair into its markets and show its customers a new face. 

The store design, in-store communication as well as the visual Merchandising concept were developed by Interstore Design and implemented by Schweitzer Project.



Carrefour Mons - Les Grands Prés

The redesigned Carrefour Market in the mall «Les Grands Prés» in Mons (BE) presents itself to its customers as the hypermarket of the future. 
Since the beginning of December 2015, on an impressive sales area of 11’500m² a wide variety of fresh food as well as non-food articles is offered in a new, modern look. 

The new design concept, including graphic and visual merchandising, was developed by Interstore Design and implemented by Schweitzer Project.



Carrefour Market Gourmet
The concept realised by Carrefour in the fashion metropolis Milan was tailored specially to busy inner city locations. 

Alpha Beta Hellenikon
Transparency and social responsibility are integral Parts of the Greek supermarket chain Alpha Beta's corporate culture.


Metro Lobnya

End of September METRO opened the new Cash & Carry store in Moscow region, in the city of Lobnya.
With a newly developed concept METRO wants to stand out from its competitors and inspire its customers.

Interstore Design has developed a completely new concept for the whole store and realized it together with Schweitzer Project.


Park Towers Supermarket

On the Mediterranean island Malta there are not only beautiful beaches and nice villages - in November 2015 the redesigned Park Towers Supermarket in Santa Venera was opened.
It is a paradise for gourmets, stretching out over 3'000m² and three floors.

The concept was developed by Interstore Design and implemented in collaboration with Schweitzer Project.


CCA-Markt Spreitenbach

At the end of November 2015, the redesigned CCA Market in Spreitenbach, near Zurich, was officially opened. 
The two-storied Cash+Carry market presents itself on an overall area of about 5'000m² in a new, fresh look.

The concept was planned by Interstore Design and successfully implemented together with Schweitzer Project.



Interspar Ljubljana

On 14th November the redesigned Interspar store in the capital of Slovenia was officially opened. 
The market is located in Ljubljana and presents itself in a completely new light on a total area of 7'000m².
The design concept was developed by Interstore Design and implemented by Schweitzer Project.



Migros ShopVille Märt

On 11th November the time had come: The new MIGROS Supermarket in the ShopVille at the Zurich main Station opened ist doors for all travellers and Gourmets. 
The former Marinello area of about 400 m²as completely rebuilt and transformed into a welcoming convenience store.
The concept of the new MIGROS Supermarket was developed by Interstore Design and implemented by Schweitzer Project.


Dunnes Stores

In the newly renovated Dunnes Stores Food Market foodies and gourmets find what their hearts desire. The store with an area of about 1‘500m² is situated on the lower ground floor of the threestorey Dunnes Stores in the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and is open seven days a week.

The store design, visual Merchandising concept and the whole in-store communication was planned by Interstore Design and successfully implemented in collaboration with Schweitzer Project.


Fenwick Food Hall

Since the middle of October there is a new top destination for all gourmets in New­castle: the redesigned Fenwick Food Hall. On a total sales area of 1.200m2 the English traditional store has reinvented its food department. 
The long-established food hall of the de­partment store was transformed into a modern gourmet food experience.


Oisoi - Oriental Food Market

A new concept of Asian cuisine in the heart of Sheffield - Oisoi Oriental Food Market. Fresh, authentic and handmade dishes from Asia can be found in this new store in the center of Sheffield. 
lt resembles an Asian market - selec­ted Asian specialties, handmade and only in the highest quality, are offered to the European palate.





Dunnes Stores - Stephen´s Green

Stephen´s Green, Dublin – 71 Years of Irish Retail history. 
Last week the first partial opening of Dunnes Stores Stephen´s Green in Dublin was celebrated and marked the beginning of a new era. 
Interstore Design developed the concept and Schweitzer Project realized it.


PKZ Women Bern

In good time for the beginning of autumn, PKZ Women opens its new renovated PKZ Women store in the historical center of Bern. The reconstruction was organized in phases so that the store was closed down for just a short period of time.  
Interstore Design developed the concept and Schweitzer Project and Interforce realized it.


Edeka Center Wehrmann

After extensive conversion works the Edeka Center Wehrmann in Spenge gleams in new splendour. The idea was to create a market hall and now the whole market appears more spacious, more inviting and brighter.
Interstore Design did the redesign and realized it together with Schweitzer Project.



International Store of the Year Alpha Beta

Alpha Beta - Nominated for the "International Store of the Year 2015".
Alpha Beta opened a concept on a sales area of 4‘500m² in Hellenikon, a district of Athens. The supermarket, the so-called «Expert-Store» format, is local and international at the same time.


Mövenpick Wein

On a sales area of 330m² you can find a wide range of quality wines from winegrowing areas worldwide.
Schweitzer Project was responsible for the realization of both Projects – Interforce for the implementation and coordination of the general contracting works.


Schweitzer in Düsseldorf

Since September 2014, the Schweitzer Group has a new branch office in Düsseldorf.
Together with the branch offices in Rosenheim, Freiburg and Hildesheim we are now even closer to our German Clients.


United Colors of Benetton

Benetton’s new store concept was presented for the first time in April 2014 in their showroom in Treviso and afterwards in their Milan store, located at Piazza del Duomo. 
The concept and prototype were developed by Schweitzer Project and have been realized in many locations by now.




Edeka Kemper Sassenberg

Edeka Kempermarkt in Sassenberg (Germany) opened its doors on 15 April.
A small but excellent market where customers just feel good. An event kitchen with an adjacent bakery, a flower shop and a health and beauty retailer invite to stay a little longer.
Interstore Design developed the concept and Schweitzer Project did the realization.


Edeka Böers - Leopoldshöhe

The Fresh Food Box.
The newly designed Edeka Böers market sets highlights in its fresh food area. 
Newly created furniture, guide signs and various design elements make the 850m² market gleam in new splendour.
Interstore Design developed the concept and Schweitzer Project did the realization.


Future Market of the Year - Globus Koblenz

Globus Koblenz was elected Future Market Of The Year by the German trade journal Lebensmittelpraxis.
The trend-setting design was developed by Interstore Design and realized by Schweitzer Project.



Athesia Buch Meran

Last weekend the time had come:
Athesia Buch Meran opened up their doors again after a short refurbishing phase.
The 2 floors with a total area of 600m² were designed by Interstore Design and realised together with Schweitzer Project.
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of books and be inspired by the pleasant atmosphere in the new Athesia book store!









Winestore - Kardaun

The newly opened Winestore in Kardaun with various tasting areas invites the customers to linger. 
The store offers everything the heart desires, wine and liquors, as well as local delicacies from South-Tyrol such as oils, jams and cheeses.


PKZ - Spreitenbach & Luzern

Last week two new PKZ stores were opened: PKZ Men & Women in Spreitenbach and PKZ Men in Luzern.
Both projects were designed by Interstore Design and realized in collaboration with Schweitzer Project and Interforce.


Schweitzer expands to the USA

Our  logistics hub enables us to not only supply our US customers but also our European customers who run stores in the USA. 
We took this step to be closer to our customers and to offer them additional services.








Rewe Center Darmstadt

The grand re-opening happened on 26 November 2014 after 5 months of reconstruction during normal business. 
Rewe continues to implement their new concept: the Rewe Center in Egelsbach is followed by a second prototype store in Darmstadt.






Tegut opens three more markets

After the store in Wiesbaden had successfully opened in April, three more Tegut stores have opened their doors in the period of October–November 2014: one in Gelnhausen-Roth, one in Stuttgart and one in Frankfurt.



Selgros - Lublin & Wiefelstede

Great collaboration with Selgros continues.
After the pilot market in Eschborn, Schweitzer has realised another 17 markets in Germany, Romania, Poland & Russia with and for Selgros. Yet another two Selgros Cash & Carry markets have opened in Lublin (PL) and Wiefelstede (DE) recently.



Galeries Lafayette´s Maison & Gourmet

On 15th September 2014, the famous French department store Galeries Lafa-yette in Paris opened its gourmet temple: Galeries Lafayette´s Maison & Gourmet.
On an entire floor with more than 3.600m² of sales area you can experience the French atmosphere of life and unique world of taste.






Alpha Beta - Hellenikon

Alpha Beta opened a new concept on a sales area of 4,500 m² in Hellenikon, a district of Athens.
The new supermarket, the so-called „Expert-Store“ format, is local and international at the same time. A market with finesse, where employees live up to the new claim WE LOVE FOOD every day.



Globus Koblenz

18th September 2014 has been the long-awaited day: The new, trendsetting Globus market was officially opened.
The 13,000 m² sales area with an adjacent gastronomy section offers customers a unique Food and Nonfood shopping experience. The newly built 2-level market will also be beneficial to the city of Koblenz.


Carrefour Gourmetmarkt

On a sales area of 1450 m² Carrefour has opend their first Gourmet Market in Milan. It has a genuine marketplace full of fresh products, a fish department offering fresh fish – the final work steps being done on site – a cheese showroom and an adjacent „salumi counter“ which will make any gourmet’s heart beat faster, an ama-zing bakery department offering fresh pizza and bread, a coffee and tea corner for connoisseurs and of course a wine department with tasting opportunity.



Schweitzer Group in Freiburg

The Schweitzer Group has set up a new office in Baden-Wuerttemberg, more precisely in Freiburg. On 1st July 2014, the employees moved into the new premises, located in Freiburg’s historical “Lokhalle” building.


Schweitzer image campaign

For the 2nd time we are launching an image campaign with our employees. During the last 2 weeks employees of our Company have been present on 75 bus stops throughout South Tyrol. 
Attached some impressions.

For the 2nd time we are launching an image campaign with our employees. During the last 2 weeks employees of our Company have been present on 75 bus stops throughout south tyrol. Attached some impressions.


Inkoop Ganderkesee

The new Edeka Inkoop has a 1,500 m² sales area and it was opened in late May 2014 in Ganderkesee, Germany. It is a newly built market replacing an old one, and it is already the 9. market with this format. Another one will follow in 2015.




The new Edeka Hövener in Monheim Baumberg

With 1,450 m², Edeka Hövener in Monheim Baumberg may be a smaller convenience store, but it is certainly special. It opened in May 2014 and was realised by Schweitzer Group (Interstore Design, Schweitzer Project).


Schweitzer Group expands to the US

Schweitzer Group Goes West
The Schweitzer Group opens a branch in San Francisco, thus demonstrating how important the American market for the internationally operating company and its clients is.

We think Retail










Benetton, the well-known fashion Company from Northern Italy, launched their new store concept in early April with the opening of a showroom at their Treviso headquarters – followed by their first store in Milan, ocated at the Piazza del Duomo, and a second one in Verona. 
With the new concept – UCB Canvas – the Teviso based corporate group has started a new chapter. The concept was developed in-house by their own design team and realised by Schweitzer Project.




Jelmoli - The new Food Market

The Jelmoli Department Store – The House of Brands – goes food and opens an extraordinary new food department with a 2,000 m² sales area. It‘s unique in Europe and features an impressive list of tenants with some of the region’s best and most qualified providers of food.



Tegut gets a clear makeover!

Tegut gets a clear makeover!
With the opening of their 700 m² market in Wiesbaden, Tegut sets a first milestone on their way to a new store concept. The market has been openend on 2nd April in Wiesbaden, with a clearer and fresher look which
represents the DNA of Tegut.



PKZ Women Zürich - Bahnhofstrasse

Feldpausch is a thing of the past. Since this Wednesday, all Feldpausch stores are run under the name of PKZ Women. This was celebrated with the opening of the new flagship store in the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. In the new PKZ store urban women can experience Fashion in new suprising and inspiring ways on 2,300 m².





EuroShop 2014

Retail is not simply about thinking, it’s also about doing, innovating, combining and creating something new – and this was our theme at EuroShop 2014. Following our General Store in 2011, we presented you with the Schweitzer Department Store 3.0, covering 750 m² of live retail! It was important to us to tell you about the opportunities and possibilities for retail. We staged, mixed and connected familiar things in a completely new way.
We captured the present in our display windows and the future in the store: Projects and processes, cooperation and innovation, offline and online. 
With this booklet we want to inspire you.



Rewe Center Egelsbach

The spacious non-food area with an integrated bread shop and an upgraded gastronomy section belongs to the heart of the concept. Another highlight is the service counter which was integrated in the sales area and its connection to the nonfood area. The non-food area was completely redesigned: The products are clearly arranged and for the first time brand shops found their way into the market.


Schweitzer erhält Retail Week Interior Award

Die Gruppe Schweitzer ist für die Realisation des Projekts "Good Wine" in Kiew mit dem "Retail Week Interior Award 2013" für das beste Supermarkt-Design ausgezeichnet worden.


Delikatessen Quelle

Mit seinen sehr breiten wie tiefen Käse- Sortiment und besonderen Raritäten hat sich die Käsetheke in Karstadt Perfetto in der Nürnberger Innenstadt einen treuen Kundenstamm erobert.


Feinkost Adresse

Nach dem Umbau gibt es in der Münchner Perfetto- Filiale mehr Platz für Degustation und frische Feinkost.



Gut Essen und Trinken

"GoodWine"- der Name ist Programm, denn beste Weine und Spirituosen aus der ganzen Welt bietet das gleichnamige ukrainische Unternehmen seit 2006 an, zuerst als Importeur und seit 2007 auch als Einzelhändler. Nach Umbau und Erweiterung der Filiale in Kiew gilt dies auch für "GoodFood".


Das Comeback der Traditionskette



All things to all retailers

The majority of shopfiters fitt shops, while the majority of shop designers design them. Northern Italy shopfitting gigant Schweitzer does both.


Jelmoli Zürich

Reinventing Retail: Historic Store adds new brands and a more focused layout.



Innovative Retailkonzepte und weltweit eingesetzte Ladenbaulösungen aus Naturns.


Selgros: Gastro-Konzept in Krakau

In Krakau setzt Selgros eines der modernsten Konzepte für Cash und Carry m, die es derzeit in Europa gibt. Vorbild ist das Gastronomie-Konzept des Unternehmens in Deutschland.



Know-how der Ladenbauer

Schweitzer ist eine international tätige Unternehmensgruppe mit den Firmen Interstore Design, Schweitzer Project und Interforce und setzt seit 85 Jahren Standards im Einzelhandel.


Ein Stück Natur

Hamburg-St. Georg - ein Stadtquartier im Umbruch. So ist die einstige  Schmuddelecke hinter dem Hauptbahnhof längst auf dem Weg zum schicken Szenenviertel mit einer zahlungsfähigen Klientel - das richtige Umfeld für ein anspruchsvolles Supermarkt- Konzept mit dem Fokus auf Qualität und Frische. Die Story: Edeka Niemerszein.




Wie ein Wohnzimmer für Männer

Nach Umbau feierte der Schweitzer Herrenmode Finalist PKZ die Neueröffnung seiner Filiale in Bern. Und zeigte ein neues Konzept mit einer Luxury Casual Etage und neuer Warenpräsentation.


Facelift vom Feinsten

Hände sprechen Bände. Das wissen natürlich auch die klugen Store-Designer und Ladenbauer, die für das Facelift der 300qm großen DOB bei Jelmoli in Zürich verantwortlich zeichnen. Und so haben sie im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes Hand angelegt, um Pretiosen wie Schmuck, Sonnenbrillen oder Uhren unter Glasquadern auf der Trendfläche in Szene zu setzen.


Luxus mit Breitenwirkung

Seit Dezember 2012 erstrahlt die Luxus- und Design-Etage der Galieries Lafayette Paris in neuem Glanz. Auf 4.600 m2 werden Luxuslabels sowie zukunftsweisende Designer präsentiert. Das Konzept stammt von Bruno Moinard, der Ladenbau Großteiles von dem Südtiroler Unternehmen schweitzer project.


Wohlfühlen im Loft

Mit mehr als 60.000 m2 auf sieben Etagen gilt das Berliner Luxuskaufhaus KaDeWe als das größte Warenhaus auf dem europäischen Kontinent. Seit Dezember 2012 gehören das KaDeWe und sechzehn weitere deutsche Kaufhäuser des Highstreet-Konsortium der österreichischen Immobiliengruppe Signa rund um dem Tiroler Unternehmer René Benko. Alle siebzehn Objekte befinden sich in bester Innenstadtlage und sind langfristig an Karstadt vermietet. Daran soll sich auch künftig nichts ändern. Zuletzt machte das KaDeWe Ende September mit einer loftartigen Inszenierung der Abteilung für Schuhe, Leder und Accessoires von sich reden.


Frisches Feeling

Mit neuen Frische- und Serviceangeboten sollen die Kunden nach dem Umbau und Erweiterungen in das E-Center im EKZ Duisburg-Rheinhausen gelockt werden. 'Aufgefrischt' wurden die Obst- und Gemüse-Abteilungen, die Bedientheken für Fleisch, Wurst und Käse sowie Drogerie-Abteilung. Neu hinzugekommen sind eine Frischfisch-Bedientheke sowie eine 'Heiße Theke'.


Luxus und Design in neuen Glanz

Am 12. Dezember 2012 wurde im Pariser Kaufhaus Galieries Lafayette mit 1.200 Gästen der neue erste Stock am Boulevard Haussmann eingeweiht: 4.600 qm, die ganz dem Luxus und Design gewidmet sind.


Glanzlicht der Großstadt - Lingerie so schön wie noch nie

Was für ein Projekt für einen Store-Designer! 4.600 qm nichts als Luxus und Design: Die komplette DOB, sprich der gesamte erste Stock der Pariser Kaufhaus- Ikone Galeries Lafayette am Boulevard Haussmann wurde umfassend neu gestaltet. Die Herausforderung: 300 zum größten Teil exklusiv vertretene Marken, vom kleinen Luxuslable, das nur Insidern ein Begriff ist, bis zum weltweit begehrten Designernamen wollen hier adäquat gewürdigt werden.


Frische genießt weiterhin hohe Priorität

Der Familienbetrieb Hundrieser hat in Essen an einem der wohl attraktivsten Standorte - direkt am Beginn der Rüttenschieder Straße- einen ca. 200 qm großen Edeka Markt eröffnet.



Straightforwardness – Distinctiveness – Variety! 
That’s the new Woolworth store. The new Woolworth store in Munich is the first of 3 pilot stores with a fresher and more modern design.


One Stop shop- the retail specialists

In Retail some of the best shopping experiences can be down to little things. A smile on arrival, bags carried to the car, instinctively spottig a customers preference, or simply giving people the space to find that preference, can be the key. It's this eye for detail that Schweitzer group, the Norhtern Italian shop fitting specialist, never stop looking for.


The vinci food and supermarket design of the year

A temple to fresh produce with shop-in-shop and an interior that makes navigation straighforward and turns food shoppig from chore to pleasure.


Woolworth startet Ladenoffensive in München

Neuer Ladenbau und viel Potenzial in der bayrischen Landeshauptstadt, erste Billanz veröffentlicht


Schweitzer x Monocle

One-stop shop, the retail specialist


Ein Standort - drei Konzepte

Die österreichische Interspar richtet ihre Expansionsoffensive auf die Landeshauptstadt Wien aus: Am Verkehrsknotenpunkt 'Wien Mitte' eröffnete die Tochtergesellschaft der Spar Österreich erstmals drei verschiedene Ladenkonzepte an einem Standort: einen 2.700 qm großen Supermarkt, das neue Kleinformat 'Pronto'  und das Gastro-Konzept 'Pasta & Café'.



Spar eröffnet Convinience- Store im Mozart Haus

Es ist nicht irgendeine Adresse in Salzburg - es ist die Adresse: Mozarts Geburtshaus in der Getreidegasse ist der neue Hotspot von Spar. Angeboten werden nicht einfach nur Lebensmittel sondern Food-to-go, Obst und Gemüse sowie ausgewählte Lebensmittel und Spezialitäten der feinsten Art- Schweitzer AG entwickelt Store Konzept.


Schweitzer Italy

The past master at designing the physical (and psychological) structures of food retail.


Raue Räume

Es ist nicht neu aber immer wieder schön. Auch in diesem Herbst orientierten sich Ladengestalter an Lofts und Fabrikhallen. Dass das auch heimelig wirken kann zeigt der Shustsalon in Berlin. Auf den Kontrast Schwarz und Weiß setzt hingegen Kilian Kerner in Berlin. Weitere Beispiele sind Müller Ditschler in Büdingen District One in Steffl in Wien.




Vom Feinsten

Die britische Supermarktkette Waitrose hat mit Waitrose Food & Home ein für England neues Format geschaffen, das einem Kaufhaus bzw. unserem SB Warenhaus ähnelt. Da sich der Standort im Canary Wharf, einem Eldorado des Londoner Investment-Bankings befindet, ist vor allem der Food Bereich ziemlich luxuriös ausgefallen.